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Kshethra Paripal - Temple Management Software

Temple Management Software - Kshethra Paripal

Minebitz Software Technologiez introducing our highly new and innovative Temple Management Software. It will be helps from vazhupadu counter to yearly auditing/meeting at temple. One of speciality is it can be set language English and Malayalam with client needs, and also it can use Online As well as Offline/Local computer. KshetraParipal will be helps at pooja booking and credit pooja amount. Within short time span more no. of Temples use the resource of KshetraParipal all over India. It shows detailed report of each day Income/Expense and balance of the day and also present balance of temple. We integrate pooja vazhupadu vihitham based on pooja can be calculate automatically. It will be help to Avoid even single corruption along temple.

Product Features

  • Dynamicaly Add/Edit/Delete Pooja Name and Pooja Amount.
  • Dynamicaly Add/Edit/Delete Donation Schemes Name.
  • Temple Sales Bills. (Pooja Receipt, Donation Receipt, Item sales Receipt).
  • Temple Purchace and Expensive Bills.
  • Set and provide priest share (vazhipadu vihitham) based on pooja.
  • Advance Booking and Credit Management.
  • Add and Check Stock.
  • Members Varisangya Management.
  • Auditorium and Mandapam Booking.
  • Marriage Certificate management.
  • Staff and Salary Management.
  • User Management & Permissions.
  • Bank Transaction Details.
  • Get Daily & Monthly All Expensive Report.
  • Get Daily & Monthly All Incoming Report.
  • Get balance sheet upto that time.