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MedicStead - Hospital Management System

Hospital management software - MedicStead

MedicStead is one of the most trusted and recognized hospital management software. We are the best software provider in health care sector. The Hospital automation software designed for paperless administration of the hospital from OP Booking to the dispensing medicines. Once the OP ticket is issued all the details with previous history of the treatment of the patient if any, pops up on the Computer screen of the doctor who in turn prescribes the medicines for the dispensation of medicines from the pharmacy of the hospital where the patients receive the medicines. The software enables the hospital management to keep the records effortlessly and is available for verification any time the need arises.

Product Features

  • Reception desk - create new op and manage old op ticket.
  • Doctor Desk - prescribe medicine and give Diagnostic of patients based on token number.
  • Pharmacy - issue the medicine, and bills to Patients.
  • Hospital management system treated as paper less concept.
  • Keeps all reports and records of patients.
  • Well Medicine stock management.